NMCSAP Core Values

Anti-oppression and Social Justice/change – NMCSAP recognizes that sexual assault and oppression are intricately linked and is committed to grappling with the complexities of societal power and privilege in order to create inclusive policy and practices.

Survivor Focus – NMCSAP is devoted to listening to the stories of survivors and keeping their needs paramount in all aspects of our organizational work.

Collaboration and Community Engagement – NMCSAP is committed to creating a culture of collaboration with diverse communities, individuals, agencies, and stakeholders across New Mexico.

Advocacy and Education – NMCSAP believes that in order to create a society free from sexual violence, we must advocate for survivors and educate our communities, organizations and agencies on the detrimental effects of sexual assault and the most effective ways to prevent violence from occurring.

Safety and Freedom – NMCSAP is dedicated to providing leadership and resources for sexual assault organizations in order to ensure that victims are safe, empowered, and able to move through the healing process.

Offender Accountability – NMCSAP believes that in order to protect community and victim safety, as well as prevent future victimization, we must place responsibility for this crime solely on offenders. Offender accountability includes the commitment and provision of training to manage offenders in our communities according to policies that reflect current, comprehensive research regarding effectiveness.

Ethical Practices – NMCSAP strives to ensure that all organizational policies and practices reflect transparency, responsibility, and integrity.