Report Child Abuse & Neglect

Call your local law enforcement agency or call #SAFE (#7233) from a cell phone or call 1-855-333-SAFE (7233) from a land line. You may report suspected child abuse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

New Mexico “Duty to Report Child Abuse and Child Neglect” law (32A-4-3) states that “Every person, including a licensed physician; a resident or an intern examining, attending or treating a child; a law enforcement officer; a judge presiding during a proceeding; a registered nurse; a visiting nurse; a schoolteacher; a school official; a social worker acting in an official capacity; or a member of the clergy who has information that is not privileged as a matter of law, who knows or has a reasonable suspicion that a child is an abused or a neglected child, shall report the matter immediately” to a local law enforcement agency, CYFD-SCI, or a tribal law enforcement or social services agency for any Indian child residing in Indian country.

New Mexico law broadly defines “abused child” and “neglected child” so that every action in which a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been or may be adversely affected is potentially covered. If there is a question whether a child is an “abused child” or “neglected child” as defined by the law, always err on the side of the child’s safety and report the incident.