Problem Overview

PDF documents coming soon . . .

  • Sexual Violence Prevention: Beginning the Dialogue [PDF]
    Developed by the CDC as a guidance document for recipients of CDC Rape Prevention and Education Funds, this document provides a concise overview of using a public health approach to preventing sexual violence.
  • Connecting the Dots: An Overview of the Links Among Multiple Forms of Violence [PDF]
    Developed by the CDC and the Prevention Institute, this brief shares research on the connections between different forms of violence, describes how these connections affect communities, and promotes addressing shared risk and protective factors when designing prevention strategies.
  • What Works in Prevention: Principles of Effective Prevention Programs [PDF]
    This article, authored by Maury Nation et al, identifies 9 characteristics that were consistently associated with effective prevention programs in the areas of substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, school failure, and juvenile delinquency and violence and are widely recognized to be important components of effective sexual violence prevention programming.
  • Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention [PDF]
    This document, developed by Rachel Davis et al, explores the conditions that create environments in which sexual violence occurs, and presents a tool, the Spectrum of Prevention, for developing effective, comprehensive strategies for the primary prevention of sexual violence.
  • Violence, Social Disadvantage and Health [PDF]
    This issue brief, developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focuses on the links between violence, health and social disadvantage. It examines the health effects of violence and explores strategies to prevent violence by addressing the social determinants of health.

The following websites provide additional information, resources and training opportunities related to sexual violence and its prevention:

  • CDC Injury Prevention and Control: Sexual Violence
    Provides definitions, data sources, risk and protective factors, consequences of victimization, prevention strategies and resources related to sexual violence.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)
    National information and resource hub that collects and disseminates resources, including data, research, training curricula, prevention initiatives and program information, to assist with understanding and eliminating sexual violence.
  • PreventConnect
    A national online project dedicated to the primary prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. Among other things, archives web conferences on topics related to the primary prevention of sexual violence and child sexual abuse. Web conferences may be viewed at:
    A national online resource center on violence against women. Provides an array of resources on violence against women and related issues, including domestic violence, sexual violence, funding, research and international issues.