General Resources and Information

The NMCSAP serves as a comprehensive clearinghouse, providing a variety of resources to assist in preventing and responding to sexual violence. Survivors, service providers, the media, non-profit and governmental organizations and the general public find our resources current, relevant and helpful.

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits – These kits and packets are developed, assembled, and distributed by the Coalition. The Coalition provides a companion video which details the proper collection of evidence.

Sexual Assault Medical Billing Verification and Payment – As of July 1995, the State of New Mexico pays 100% of the forensic medical exam per victim per year on bills resulting from rape exams, evidence collection, or child sexual abuse exams. Up to $150 is paid on medical costs not associated with evidence collection (injury repair, medications, etc.). The Coalition sends packets with billing instructions to medical providers throughout New Mexico on how to obtain these payments. The bills and verification forms are then sent to the Coalition where they are verified for payable services. The verified bills are then paid by the Coalition through a special Division of Mental Health fund.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month – The Coalition annually obtains a proclamation from the Governor designating April for awareness activities. Packets of awareness materials are sent to all sexual abuse program coordinators in order for all New Mexico communities to have the opportunity to receive awareness programs. The Coalition develops, prints, and distributes a brochure specifically for the Awareness month which is sent in bulk to all coordinators for further distribution within their communities.



Note: The policy of NMCSAP is that indirect costs may not exceed 5% of direct costs on any project funded by NMCSAP.