Sexual Abuse Information Brochures and Posters

The Coalition develops, prints and distributes several items. On the back of many of the brochures is a current listing of all rape crisis centers and mental health crisis line numbers of all community centers throughout the state. The materials include:

Life After a Sexual Assault Can be Difficult. Would You like a Lawyer to Help You Now? – A poster for no-cost legal advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault.

Legal Issues for Sexual Assault Survivors – A brochure on areas of life affected by sexual violence and how to get help.

A Guide For Friends and Family of Sexual Violence Survivors (PCAR) – A guide for family and friends of sexual assault survivors to understand what the survivor may be going through.

A Law Enforcement Guide for Working with Children with Autism, Intellectual and Communication Disabilities – A guide for law enforcement for working with children with autism, intellectual and communication disabilities authored by Scott J. Modell, Ph.D. and Marcie Davis, M.S.

Do Children Sexually Abuse Other Children? – A brochure about preventing sexual abuse among children and youth.

From Victim To Survivor – An information brochure for victims of rape  (versión española)

Incest Survivors: What Do I Do Now? – A brochure for adult survivors of childhood molestation.

Let’s Talk: Speaking Up to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse – A brochure about speaking up to prevent child sexual abuse.

Male Victims Of Rape – An information brochure to let males know they are not alone and help is available  (versión española)

Overcoming Painful Past Experience – A guide to understanding the role of trauma on our life, and the steps for overcoming the effects of trauma  (versión española)

Parent Empowerment – A guide to helping your child in the aftermath of sexual abuse  (versión española)

Posters: Male Involvement in Sexual Violence Prevention; Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, etc.

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse – A brochure with facts about sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

Protecting Children with Disabilities from Sexual Assault: A Parent’s Guide  (versión española)

Responding to Child Sexual Abuse In New Mexico: An Educator’s Responsibility – a video for schools in New Mexico, with an accompanying supplement.

Responding to Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Stalking: A Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals in New Mexico – This booklet is reprinted annually with current state and federal statutes, investigation protocols, statewide resources and special sections on Full Faith and Credit, Stalking and Strangulation.

Safe Strong and Free:  What Can I do About Secret Touching/Child Sexual Abuse? – A brochure for young children to prevent sexual abuse and to assist those children who have already been abused.  (versión española)

Sexual Abuse of Persons with Developmental Disabilities:  An Educational Guide

Sexual Abuse of Seniors: How Can I Be Safer? – A guide for senior citizens to be aware of the possibilities of sexual abuse.

Stop It Now! Helpline ( – A brochure on how to get help if you are concerned about sexually inappropriate behaviors in yourself, in another adult, adolescent or child.

Talking To Your Children About Sex – How to use open discussions about sex, privacy, respect and values to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and teens.  (Available in Spanish)

Top Ten Important Questions For Kids – A brochure about kids rights, privacy, respect, abuse and sexual abuse  (versión española)

Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviors – A guide for children’s natural and healthy sexual behavior verses sexual behavior of concern.