Videos, Webinars & Presentations

Covering Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Rape in the News:

Resource Packet for Journalists

Audio Recording of DA Forum with DA Candidate Raul Torrez, 9/20/16:

Community Forum audio 9/20/16 with DA Candidate Raul Torrez

Training Video (2012) for Mental Health Providers:

New Mexico Standards of Practice: Licensed Mental Health Providers Offering Services to Youth Who Have Caused Sexual Harm
Accompanying Presentation: NM Standards of Practice Presentation

SANE Response Videos:

SANE Response to Sexual Assault Patients with Physical Disabilities
SANE Response to Sexual Assault Patients with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Legal Assistance for Victims — Survivor Legal Resources and Service Provider Training Modules/Information

For Survivors:
What to Consider When Your Records Are Sought . . . video link coming soon . . .

For Service Providers: video links coming soon . . .
CLE Privacy
Confidentiality is Fundamental (Part 1)
Confidentiality Nuts and Bolts (Part 2)
Confidentiality Applications (Part 3)
What to do when you get a subpoena
Low Bono Attorney Training
VIDEO: Full Disclosure with District Attorney Kari Brandenburg